When lying is illegal, those who define ‘truth’ are beyond criticism

Censorship is the inevitable reaction of power towards speech that it finds threatening. If you’re on a platform where censorship is widely practised, you’re in the right place; if you’re being censored, you’re probably saying things that powerful find inconvenient or even threatening. You have to be resilient and persistent, and not let the censors distract you from your message.

s/He who blogs under the pseudonym “Eugypius

Nothing enrages the official authorized commentariat like the common riff raff having access to platforms and audiences. That’s why the official authorized commentariat have been the most vocal voices calling for internet censorship and complaining about the rise of a more democratized information environment. These elitist wankers have been fuming for years about the way the uninitiated rabble have been granted the ability to not just talk, but to talk back.

Caitlin Johnstone

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