Science vanquishes religion, then assumes the throne freshly vacated by God

Since it is our own sentience or subjectivity that is engaged in pondering the evolutionary process, we must somehow locate our looking radically apart from an all-seeing god, a divinity that ponders the material world from a position wholly external to that world.  The scientific intellect which sometimes prides itself on having vanquished the belief in God from much of the rational populace, populace, regularly situates its gaze in the very place (or rather, the very same non-place) recently vacated by that God. For it affects the same external, all-seeing perspective,the same view from nowhere enjoyed by that divinity. . The most assertive new atheists unwittingly rely, in this sense, upon the very same monotheistic assumptions that they ostensibly oppose.

The hyper-rational objectivity behind a great deal of contemporary techno-science, could only have arisen in a civilization steeped in a dogmatic and other-worldly monotheism, for it is largely a continuation of the very same detached and derogatory relation to sensuous nature.

— David Abram

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Fame is a food that dead men eat

Fame is a food that dead men eat,—
I have no stomach for such meat.
In little light and narrow room,
They eat it in the silent tomb,
With no kind voice of comrade near
To bid the banquet be of cheer.

But Friendship is a nobler thing,—
Of Friendship it is good to sing.
For truly, when a man shall end,
He lives in memory of his friend,
Who doth his better part recall,
And of his faults make funeral.