Liberals, please come home

Liberals once proudly harbored a deep skepticism toward Pharma, and the military-industrial/intelligence complex, and generally nurtured an antipathy for war, a contempt for blind obedience to undeserving authorities, a wariness of officials who used fear as a governing tool (recall FDR’s admonition that “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”), and solicitude for bodily autonomy (isn’t our mantra “My body, my choice”?).

During the COVID coup d’état, the same liberals who had fought the Patriot Act and opposed the Iraq War suddenly adopted the Neocons’ hostility to the Bill of Rights, their affinity for a national security state, and their embrace of a bellicose, expansionist “regime-change” foreign policy.

Liberals seem unaware that their acquiescence to censorship and the erosion of the Bill of Rights to silence opponents of Big Pharma’s vaccines will invariably open the door to King Coal, Big Oil, Big Ag, and Big Chemical and all their captive agencies likewise silencing their own inconvenient critics. Military contractors and their government captives are already wielding the new tool of censorship to silence debate on the Ukraine intervention.

I continue to dialogue with individuals with whom I differ on many issues…
If we don’t talk to our political opponents, how will we ever find common ground? If we can’t explore scientific truths through debate, how will we ever bridge the widening chasm between America’s warring tribes? Those fierce disputes between Republicans and Democrats, Blacks and Whites, vaxxed and unvaxxed serve only the intentions of the global elite who exploit the distraction to systematically rob us of our treasure, our health, and our freedoms.

Coercive policies—especially the suppression of speech and dissent—will only breed more skepticism and mistrust and will never bridge the gap between America’s polarized tribes.

from Robert Kennedy’s Letter to Liberals

1 thought on “Liberals, please come home

  1. Bravo!
    Coopting of the terms “liberal” and “progressive” by nanny-state authoritarians is no small part of the problem, and a cynically clever move. What is a classic liberal-minded humanitarian to call themselves when Big Media offers only smeared versions of liberal and conservative?

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