It’s not a joke

Harpers has a history of publishing weirdness without comment. You can take it as, “How can people believe this stuff?” or you can take it as “What if this is real?”

The ancients and people in indigenous cultures take psychic abilities as a natural part of their reality. We Western scientific types know that stuff is impossible. Except for the scientists who study the paranormal in controlled lab experiments and consistently find positive results.

Lily Dale Assembly is a community on Lake Erie that has been a refuge for people with extraordinary perceptions since its founding in 1879. In the 19th Century, it was common for intellectuals and scientists to be interested in spiritualism. Charles Darwin, William James, Henri Bergson, George Eliot, Conan Doyle, Frederick Douglass, Mark Twain, Pierre and Marie Curie…

In the 20th Century, we began training posychic abilities OUT of our children, both with a “scientific” education and by rewarding them for paying more attention to their sense perceptions and their logic, less attention to their imagination and intuition.

This Harper’s article is about a summer camp in which kids are encouraged to use and develop the psychic powers that they were born with.

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