In the I Ching, Lake=Joy

The lake is my adopted place of birth
Where easily can I renew naïve
Sensation, relishing what I perceive,
Appreciating living nature’s worth.

My pace is slow, but freer than on earth.
Viscosity and buoancy relieve
Enough of effort that I can believe
In joy that lasts, a self-sustaining mirth.

No need for any difference, no dearth,
No care for what I have or will receive;
I let my thoughts devolve on what I weave,
And drift from lake to river, thence to firth…

I’m confident the pow’r of my devotion
Transports me ever closer to the ocean. 

— Josh Mitteldorf
#58 from the I Ching Sonnet Project



From infant days I learned that self-control
Was all that could restrain my crude desires.
I dared not think the adults all were liars;
Instead, I’ve borne the price, a lifelong toll.

One  day, I learned to draw my consolation
From a ruse, a planted seed of pride.
Which grew, of course, devouring my inside,
Consigning my dear soul to isolation.

My fiction of superior moral worth
Seems painless, but its dead weight stifles me,
A blanket that restrains my primal shout.
Might I recall those instincts of my birth
While shame enshrines my sin in secrecy?
To thrive, to reclaim life I must break out.

— Josh Mitteldorf
#10 from the I Ching Sonnet Project


Deviant Art by Anne Wipf

Shock—sometimes we need it

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#51 from the I Ching Sonnet Project

The lightning can illuminate my soul
Or just as well incinerate my will;
The current of a raging surf can thrill
Or crash and leave me dead upon a shole.
I never voluntarily would choose
To shock my senses with a rude insult
But choice is governed by sources occult…
And if I flag, or stubbornly refuse
To learn when gentler messages appear,
A greater power flexes, to make clear
A fate as beauteous as it is austere.
I run with every muscle bursting strong
I yield my body to the sea, headlong—
The icy waves shake free my primal song.

Mom’s Work is Done

A ma mère

Je te souhaite un jour de velours,
d’iris, de lis et de pervenches,
un jour de feuilles et de branches,
un jour et puis un autre jour,

un jour de blés, un jour de vignes,
un jour de figues, de muscats,
un jour de raisins délicats,
un jour de colombes, de cygnes.

Je te souhaite un jour de diamant,
de saphir et de porcelaine,
un jour de lilas et de laine,
un jour de soie, ô ma maman,

et puis un autre jour encore,
léger, léger, un autre jour
jusqu’à la fin de mon amour,
une aurore et puis une aurore,

car mon amour pour toi, ma mère,
ne pourra se finir jamais
comme le frisson des ramées
comme le ciel, comme la mer…

Pierre GAMARRA est né ce jour il y a 100 ans

For Mom, for Anyone

I wish for you a velvet day,
soft irises, and periwinks,
a day of mischief and high jinks,
one day and then another day,

A day of wheat, a day of vines,
a day of figs and muscat grapes,
a day of soft, voluptuous shapes,
a day of cypresses and pines.

I wish for you a diamond day,
with gleaming gems and easy wealth,
full animate with blooming health,
a day of silk, for you, I pray.

As long as I have love to lend
light, effortless, another day
with time to wander, space to stray
erupting sunrise without end.

Like flowered meadows, summer’s calm,
spelunking never-ending caves
or years of rowing o’er the waves
this is my wish for you, my Mom.

— Pierre GAMARRA was born 100 years ago today
free translation by JJM

Agastache species


I brook no orders from without, but make
Exception for appeals to discipline
That call to me unbidden from within,
Presuming that they speak for my own sake.

I scoff at talk of damnation or “sin”,
And yet my conscience I abide; I take
Its message, even as I lie awake,
Unsettled by its constant, droning din.

To chase this martinet from my own skin,
I vow to stop at nothing, baldly break
With all I know and cherish. I’ll forsake
Beliefs and creeds, support from peers and kin.

Discounting all coercion, I will steer,
One day, by instinct, free and clear.



I Ching Hexagram #7 = Shi


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Is there an objective physical world amenable to scientific investigation?

The culture and institutions of science have provided an answer: “Yes, of course. Let’s move on to the business of scientific discovery and stop fooling around with mystical mumbo-jumbo.”

Actual scientific investigation provides a different answer, however: “The objective, material view of reality is a very good approximation for some things, and the basis of a robust technology, but it is not the whole story.” The empirical evidence for this comes from tens of thousands of rigorous experiments on parapsychology that have yielded positive results. Also from millions of anecdotes, less rigorous but more dramatic, about ESP, precognition, NDEs, reincarnation, and other topics. The theoretical evidence comes from quantum physics, which implies that reality is co-created by the wave function “out there” and the consciousness that observes it.

Establishing the need for a new paradigm has been the subject of a vast collaboration over more than a century. The project is ongoing. But there is already more than sufficient motivation to take the next step. Only a few of our greatest thinkers have risen to the challenge of reformulating the rules of science and our fundamental conceptions of reality and what we can know about it.

This is the most interesting and fertile intellectual opportunity of our age.

Observer cover.jpg

Abandoning all pretext of modesty, I will propose a framework for this project. The challenge is to preserve all that mainstream science has discovered and verified, while accommodating unconventional science that on its face appears at odds with the scientific worldview. In quantum theory, half the information that projects the present into the future is in the wave function; the other half is missing, and postulated to be purely random. There is direct experimental evidence, compiled by Robert Jahn, Dean Radin, and others that the random half is not random, and can be influenced by conscious intent. This effect seems to be insensitive to distance and can propagate backward as well as forward in time. I propose that integrating this evidence with quantum biology and the inverse quantum Zeno effect is a fruitful place to begin.

#50: The Cauldron

I Ching #50 = Ding

el caldero

This time of year, the forest teems with life
And Nature’s bounty seems to know no bound.
I’m grateful for my family’s fortune crowned
With peace, abundance and freedom from strife.
’Tis Ding, the Cauldron, bearing luck supreme—
A cornucopia, more than I deserve
Above what missions I’ve been fortunate to serve
Float thanks and gifts beyond my fondest dream.
What work I’ve done has been to me as play
A curious exploration of my place
It feels to be not justice, rather grace,
And whence comes blessing, mortals dare not say.
May I never feel complacence for good chance
That grants me such a partner for life’s dance.