The Worm Moon

At about 7:42 AM on Tuesday, March 7, we can be witness to the peak illumination of the last full moon of winter. It will last several days, and fittingly enough, this moon is called by some, “The Worm Moon.” It marks the time when, according to Eastern Woodlands Native Americans, the earth has warmed and softened enough for earthworms and beetle larvae to reappear. This brings robins and other birds to feed on them, roots start to push upwards, some begin to bloom, and the time for planting is obviously here. Spring is on the way, and this moon announces that in a bright and beautiful way. 

So I am letting myself be taken in and comforted by what is happening. It is beautiful, calming, amazing, and quietly miraculous. For me, then, the mourning of the missing drama of the winter night sky is finished — complete. The Worm Moon is here, and I am looking forward to another glorious season of rebirth, re-discovery, and more. 

— John Colgan-Davis

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