How’s it working for you?

Maybe you think that the quality of your experience of yourself has something to do with you? Maybe you can do something about how you feel if you’re not feeling the way you want to? Maybe someone who appears to feel better than you do about whatever there is to feel can give you some useful advice so you can feel better about things too?

What’s driving our experience of, or interpretation of ??? as, insufficiency and lack? What is it exactly that drives us to repair ourselves?

Are we there yet?

Might you be ready, or court ordered if not willing, to take a novel approach to the aching and vast mystery of yourself and the apprehension that stalks you like a chimera ready to pounce when your guard is down?

Let’s say you are. If the narrating mind is not mandatory, why consent to it as the authority over all your affairs?

The “I” sense is a rather magical orientation, some may claim to know how and why we are so easily and agreeably entrapped by its allure, but they are mistaken at best, and pieces of shit liars at worst. 

Just to be really upfront, though I do have a soft spot for perpetual evasion, our only objective is one or two seconds, maybe three on a good day, where the sense of “I” has abated, if not entirely disappeared, and you (or someone, or no one, or G-d) has taken notice of that fact.

Presence is not presence unless you (who?) are there to be the arbiter or noticer or witness of some spectrum of perceptual quality.

What we’re alluding to here is absolute and effortless erasure of the holder of opinions. We’ve saved a seat for you in first class, care for some roasted peanuts?

— Jeff, at Night Sky Sangha

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