If I hear enough stories, I gradually come to believe in miracles

This story was told by Charles Eisenstein in a recent Substack posting. (Stella is his wife.)

A friend of Stella’s, I’ll call her Kate, rescued an injured raven and was nursing it back to health. The raven was living in her home. Right around this time, Kate was having memory problems, headaches, and disorientation. She consulted the doctors and was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Being holistically oriented, she tried various herbs and cleanses to no avail. The symptoms worsened. Finally she decided to try a radical treatment called escharotic therapy.


Escharotic therapy, often used for cervical dysplasia, starts with putting a salve of blood root and other herbs over the tumor site. If you look it up on line, you will find stern warnings like this. Here is a description of the therapy from Wikipedia:

Other formulations include the four ingredients: red clover, galangal, sheep sorrel, and bloodroot, crushed into a paste using mortar and pestle. Pseudoscientific practitioners advise that this is applied sparingly to the affected area, and kept covered for 2–3 days, although this treatment has not been proven to work for any medical application or to be safe.

Back to Stella’s friend. She had tried putting the salve on her temples, but aside from a little exudate nothing much happened. She was going to give up, when the raven hopped up to her, looked at her for a few moments, then abruptly pecked a spot on her forehead with its beak, marking it with a divot. Kate felt no pain at all from the wound. Maybe that spot was special? She put the salve there and followed the procedure she had learned.

Within a few days, a hole had opened up on her forehead through which her body expelled the tumor. It was gross. Don’t ask me how it got through her skull. I have no scientifically polite explanation. But Kate is well now and her symptoms have vanished.

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Drawing by Cary Eisenstein, age 9. He likes to make drawings for his dad.

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