The Haven

Once, awash in painted twilight,
Relishing Apollo’s highlight,
As I danced beneath the skylight out upon a forest lea,
Raising eyes in blithe surrender,
Savoring the clouds’ bright splendor,
Suddenly, I felt a tender kiss that shook and startled me,
Felt the breath of a sweet dryad, vapor that transfigured me—
This is how it came to be.

— JJM from a lifelong affection for Edgar Allan Poe, born this day in 1809

I so admire his insight and imagination that I wonder what gems he might have left us if his vision had not been darkened by trauma, abandonment, addiction, and lifelong poverty.

Whether we reach the idea of absolute Unity as the source of All Things, from a consideration of Simplicity as the most probable characteristic of the original action of God; – whether we arrive at it from an inspection of the universality of relation in the gravitating phaenomena; – or whether we attain it as a result of the mutual corroboration afforded by both processes; – still, the idea itself, if entertained at all, is entertained in inseparable connection with another idea – that of the condition of the Universe of Stars as we now perceive it – that is to say, a condition of immeasurable diffusion through space. Now a connection between these two ideas – unity and diffusion – cannot be established unless through the entertainment of a third idea – that of radiation. Absolute Unity being taken as a centre, then the existing Universe of Stars is the result of radiation from that centre.

from Eureka

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