Environmental hero

In 1993, Steven Donziger, a recent Harvard law school graduate and human rights attorney, began working on an environmental case on behalf of Ecuadorian native tribes poisoned by Texaco’s dumping waste in the Amazon. The case eventually became a 30,000-person class action lawsuit against Texaco in New York federal court. Texaco/Chevron did not dispute that pollution occurred, and “freely admits that large sludge pits still dot the Amazon”, the New Yorker reported.

Chevron lost a $10 billion judgment, but instead of paying the judgment they have spent literally billions of dollars going after Donziger, confining him to house detention for 3 years for the “crime” of appealing a judge’s ruling.

It’s a heroic tale, and it tells us how much Big Oil fears activists and fears the truth.

Read more from TheGuardian

Background and other lawsuits by Nan Greer
Newsweek article from 2008

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