I hype it to you

All of human history has been pointing us to another dimension. From Plato to Hypatia to Rumi to Andrew Marvell, Max Planck and Dean Radin, they’re all trying to tell us that there is a universe beyond our universe.

Terrence has seen just a glimpse, and he is a self-proclaimed inarticulate babbler.

5 thoughts on “I hype it to you

    • The strongest drug I’ve taken is O2. I do kundalini breathing almost every day.
      The message I brought home from my experience in the hospital last year was so powerful and sustaining that I suspect I had a NDE which I don’t remember.

      • Perhaps you are permanently locked into an NDE, an epistemological inveiglement which can’t be analyzed or challenged by you. I wonder what those around you are reporting. Speaking of psychelics, I read Aldous Huxley’s “Doors of Perception” when I was 23. My curiosity about achieving heightened states of perception was encouraged by hearing Timothy Leary speak at my university campus, an event attended by a packed house. He spoke of LSD as the modern sacrament of a new religion. I go along with you about O2. I can’t get by a day without it, though occasional inhalations of N2O sure makes life more bearable.

  1. Hi Josh,

    Oddly enough, I wasn’t familiar with Terence McKenna. Your post and the video vibed with my morning meditation session. I have been feeling the pull to more fully integrate that different channel of being into my body/the body of humanity. I feel the pull to create heaven on earth, which I feel to be the call to evolve.

    I want to ask you about psychedelics, especially mushrooms.

    Warmly, Kj

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