Maybe the ‘best of all possible worlds’ is like the best of all possible screenplays

I have felt privileged to be alive in this pivotal time for humanity. Now Martin Bishop tells me why…

What if, for example, God the creator is more like a film producer that a Sunday School teacher?

Let’s say God takes a lunch meeting with us and lets us pitch a film idea to him. We go in, sit down, order lunch and I start the pitch saying, “This will be the greatest film ever made. There will be a cast of thousands. Everyone is happy, healthy, shows love and kindness to one another, lives in balance with nature and loves what they do.”

God swallows a bite of turkey club sandwich, takes a sip of His martini and asks, “Okay. Then what happens? An attack? A flood? An earthquake?”

You pipe in, “No, no, nothing like that. There’s no war or terrorism or crime and everyone lives in areas that are safe from natural disasters—they are THAT in balance with nature!”

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