Que sera, sera

I am among those who think humanity is at a turning point, and we will either enter a totalitarian nightmare and watch ecosystems collapse or move in the direction of local autonomy and harmony with nature.

I’m gratified to find that Stephen A Schwartz, the man who studies the future using remote viewing, leans toward the latter option.

(Remote viewing seems preposterous, but there is lots of evidence that it works, and that a few people are really good at it. The US and USSR were spying on each other during the Cold War using a highly-developed team of remote viewers. Read about it.)

Schwartz has been asking hundreds of talented psychics to remote view the future for 40 years, long enough that many of their stranger predictions have come true. When he asks people to see 2060, they say that the US will be a loose confederation of local communities, that people will be more locally dependent and locally governed, and that our relationship to the world will be more spiritual, less material.

Also, Los Angeles will be under water.

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