If biology is based on organic chemistry that’s the same whether it’s inside a cell or in a test tube, then homeopathy can’t work. Traditional homeopathic remedies are diluted so many times that there is no chemical left in the water that is given to a patient.

But people have continued to go to homeopathic doctors for 200 years, and many smart people study homeopathy to become credentialed practitioners. Are they all fooled by a potent placebo effect?

Here is a report from India that summarizes a study in which an ultra-diluted homeopathic remedy was applied to cancer cells in a cell culture. The study reports that cancer cells in a petri dish can be induced to enter apoptosis (cell suicide) by the homeopathic remedy.

There are various ways to interpret this result, but none of them leave the fundamentals of Western approaches to medicine intact. The one that homeopathists themselves prefer is that liquid water has a structure dependent on what is on its surface, what it is dissolved in it, and even where it has been in the past. Water has memory. It’s also possible (likely, I would say) that experimenters have psychic effects on the results of their experiments. It’s possible (less likely, IMO) that cells in culture retain some kind of quantum entanglement with the organism from which they were derived. Or all of these.

I have personally had one positive experience with homeopathy, not enough in itself to convince me, but the literature and reports of people I know have made me believe that there is efficacy in homeopathic remedies.

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