A prophecy

An anonymous seer offers a detailed prediction for dark times, leading to transformation. http://sharetheprophecy.com


When there are enough souls who have elevated to the full potential of their light consciousness, there is going to be a miraculous event. A divine consciousness will fill the world and permeate everything. It will speak from the sky, the earth, your own inner being, and at the same time it will feel as though it has form and is speaking to you directly. This divine consciousness, an embodiment of unconditional love and source light energy, will fill the hearts and spirits of those who have opened their consciousness enough to receive it. It will invoke a call to action, and all at once, those who can hear it will know exactly what they are meant to do. Their vision of healing for the planet and all the sentient beings on it cannot be obstructed. A light of healing will purify everything, and restore the earth to life in a way that might otherwise have taken millions of years.

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