If this is wishful thinking, then color me wishful

Cast out the dark and evil spirits. End all injustice. Care for the poor. Expose all wickedness. Heal the sick.

save the world
Although we are seeing the rolling out of the insane plans of the most wicked entities in existence —
both on earth as in the invisible realm — this is having a very different effect than they planned.

We who have retained a modicum of our native refverence for the sanctity of life must realize tha something is amiss, in that there is much more suffering, hardship, and cruelty in the world than needs to be. Maybe we have adopted the jaundiced view that this is “human nature”. But it is not the human nature that we have observed in our friends, family, or community members.

Our Congress supports perpetual war, year after year, with no debate. The rape of Gaia proceeds at an accelerating pace, turning nature into profits, then landfills. Wealth disappears from the middle class as the world’s richest people amass power and capital. Our CIA overthrows any government that offers resistance to domination by global capitalists.

It’s not just greed and wanton disregard for others. There’s deliberate destruction of our health, of our cultures, of our families, of democracy, of our atmosphere and world agriculture. Child sex slaves are used to blackmail anyone in power who might threaten to expose the evil mission. It is evil so monstrous that you and I can’t allow ourselves to believe that such a thing exists in our world.

It is becoming clear to a growing movement that there is a tiny number of sociopathic billionaires who are adept at hiding their role in the destruction of all we hold dear. The lies and the inconsistencies are becoming so blatant, so transparent, that the time of truth and reconciliation is near at hand. Billions of simple, good people will overturn the dark forces that are throttling us. You and I will be among them.


The following is excerpted from David Sörensen

While the majority of us has never been interested or involved in politics or our communities, because we blindly and ignorantly thought we were being taken care of, now you see something happen that will change history profoundly: all over the world the good guys are starting to get involved in schools, local government, media, health care, etc.

Dear freedom fighters: humanity needs this attack by the wicked. We desperately need to see this level of evil. For centuries it has operated under the surface, without any of us having a clue. But it has been enslaving humanity for as long as the world exists. Now the time has come for this worldwide network of evil to be exposed, judged and cast out.

WE have to change.
WE have to rise.
WE have to take the reigns in our hands.
WE have to learn truth and become wise.

That is our destiny. Rise up. Take your position. Learn truth. Allow the pain of humanity to break your heart, so you will do anything to save the hurting children. And become a warrior who will not back down from these demons, but who will defang them.

This is the time where the wicked expose themselves and the righteous wake up and arise to take their place of authority. New media are being born, new health care is being set up, new politics is being formed, etc.

People of love and truth, rise up and change this world. The world is waiting for you and me. It’s unfolding before our eyes. There is a movement waiting for us to follow and to lead.

David Sörensen — Stop World Control

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