Desperation can lead to stretching our belief systems

The experience of falling through the solid floor of establishment consensus and discovering something bizarre and surprising underneath — is extremely commonplace. And the interaction between the beliefs instilled by these experiences and the skepticism they generate (understandably) from people who haven’t had them, for whom the floor has been solid all their lives, is crucial to understanding cultural polarization in our time.

Ross Douthat

His NYTimes OpEd on an unconventional cure for Lyme disease attempts a balanced perspective on conventional reality and the things that it dismisses.

1 thought on “Desperation can lead to stretching our belief systems

  1. “We need a worldview that recognizes that our establishment fails in all kinds of ways, that there’s a wider range of experiences than what fits within the current academic-bureaucratic lines … and yet at the same time still accepts the core achievements of modern science, treats populist information sources at least as skeptically as it treats establishment sources.”
    — from the same Douthat column

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