Carnival and Revolution

“We could think of revolutions as carnivals, for whatever good they create in the long term it is only in the moment that they create the sense of openness to each other and to possibility that is so exhilarating. That is imagined as moments of renewal and reinvention rather than attempts to secure some good permanently, we could see the ephemeral utopia they create with new eyes…

“Revolutions beget a … moment when the very air you breathe seems to pour out of a luminous future, when the people all around you are brothers and sisters, when you feel an extraordinary strength. Then the revolutionary moment of utter openness to the future turns into one future or another. Things get better or they get worse, but you are no longer transfigured, the people around you are no longer quite so beloved, and private life calls with its small, insistent whisper…The ordinary and the extraordinary need each other, or rather everyday life needs to be interrupted from time to time.” ”

— Rebecca Solnit writes about what the Zapatistas have created in Mexico

Excerpt from A Paradise Built in Hell

New Light in the Sky: Our Solidarity with the Zapatistas – Higher Grounds  Trading

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