Whirled Peas

I have been thinking that in the global-takeover-by-pandemic, the billionaires have all the money and control the media and the government and even the scientific journals. What we have is our minds and our intentions and our good will. I believe that the way to turn this nightmare into a dream come true is with our focused intention. Meditation teaches us to concentrate the mind, and t behooves those of us with some awareness of what’s going on and some ability to concentrate to come together and focus our imaginations on the future we want.

I’ve made a couple of attempts to write about this [one, two]. But I haven’t homed in on a focus for meditation. It’s easy to describe what I don’t want to happen. I don’t want global domination by an elite. I don’t want fear and violence. I want individual freedom, but freedom is not an end that can be visualized, but the power to get there. I want diversity of cultures, but again it’s too abstract to visualize. Peace is a value I come back to, but can I really visualize peace? Peace is not just the absence of bombs exploding.

  • Visualize a neighborhood sidewalk where people’s eyes meet in joyous recognition as they walk past one another, “namaste!”
  • Visualize a million people waking up Monday morning, looking forward to an opportunity to express themselves through work that they love, contributing to a community that they care about by offering the best of themselves.
  • Visualize cities that are surrounded by rich ecosystems, teeming with diverse life, and yielding abundant fruits and nuts and roots and berries, tended and lightly harvested by people whose job is the stewardship of nature.
  • Visualize free-flowing rivers, alive with fish and frogs and turtles. Visualize oceans with algae kelp and shellfish and every kind of fish and mammal, abundant and thriving, lightly harvested by people whose job is the stewardship of the oceans.
  • Visualize dancing and ritual, amateur music and amateur theater, painting and poetry flowing from people who channel a communal inspiration.

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