Our fullest flowering

“The individual only reaches his or her fullest flowering as a member of a community.”

Rebecca Solnit

Solnit gives us a lot of reasons to put our faith in humanity. In times of crisis, when the Hobbesian authorities tell us that we are at our worst, we find large numbers of people putting aside their own business, braving dangers, going out of their way to help others.

The world is facing a major crisis this last year and a half. Should we trust authorities to pull us through, or should we trust human individuals?

When people seize upon these moments of aliveness when they feel their power to do good, when they stay open to that experience, remarkable things become possible.

1 thought on “Our fullest flowering

  1. Rebecca’s thesis has personal overtones for me. This summer, I experienced the greatest catastrophe of my life. The time since then has been for me the longest period of sustained optimism that I can remember.

    Everyone agrees that the world is in crisis, and many of us see intensifying crisis, unrelenting in the coming months and years. Maybe this can be a good thing. May this be a time when the communitarian spirit of individuals comes to the fore and the bankruptcy of central authority becomes undeniable.

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