Xian = Influence

#31 Influence 咸 (salty)

Stop doing. Cleanse your mind so you’re prepared—
Wait patiently, a sign will manifest.
A presence before whom your soul is bared
Will speak through you. You will be blessed.

Don’t be too quick to offer explanation—
Events will make interpretation clear.
This story line is not of your creation;
You’ll lead the army marching from the rear.

Your lucid observation is sufficient,
Eyes open, but don’t try to be omniscient.
Just watch. Your role is not to mourn or cheer,
And partial vision is no cause for fear.
You’ve acted boldly, though you’re not ambitious;
Your good will and detachment are propitious.

JJM = #31 from the I Ching Sonnet Project

Hexagram 31 • Influence/Courtship • Hsien | I Ching Meditations
art by Adele Aldridge

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