Labor Organizing for Our Time

It’s an unreported truth that the largest group of people declining COVID vaccination are healthcare professionals. They know too much about the skimpy testing that the new, experimental technology was subject to, and they are aware of the vaccine side-effects because they see them every day.

Doctors and nurses have credibility, they have first-hand knowledge, and they have power. It will be organizations of these professionals that expose the orchestrated media propaganda and turn around public perceptions around COVID treatment and prevention.

 Video of nurses orgnizing against mandatory vaccination

3 thoughts on “Labor Organizing for Our Time

  1. Josh,
    Why do you say it’s An unreported truth the largest group of people declining COVID vaccination are healthcare professionals?? Have a look at the link below that states that 88% of nurses and 96% of physicians in the US have already gotten vaccinated or plan to do so, according to surveys by the American Nurses Association and the American Medical Association..

    • We live in a time when news from our formerly most trusted sources has been censored, gamed, distorted to fit a narraative. The surveys cited for those statistics were not randomized. If you didn’t want the vaccine and your employer was threatening to fire you if you didn’t get it, how likely would you be to fill out that survey? Even with this bias, you can see that 58% of respondents realized that there is no data about long-term effectiveness or long-term safety.

      And conspicuously missing from the survey was any mention of the question of transmission. Does vaccination make you less likely to spread the disease? There is no evidence for this, and I’ve actually conducted a statisical study of my own which suggests the opposite — that COVID spreads faster in places where vaccination rates are higher.

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