How to meditate, How to live

Permit this moment to transfigure you
Accept your thoughts and feelings, for a start
Embrace this unique Now with open heart
And, shedding expectation, seek the New.
To move is not verboten, but avoid
Deliberate action, thought out in advance
With Buber, say “I-thou” and take your stance
In primal presence, pure and unalloyed.

You’ll soon find your attention seeks distraction;
Then follows judgment, mind assigning blame
Some part of you declines to play this game — 
When openness returns, repeat the action.

You must not take this counsel as a goal
But rather, be a witness of your soul.

— JJM, Sonnets of Oneness, 29 August ’21

Mindful Walking Practice: How to Get Started

1 thought on “How to meditate, How to live

  1. Lying in a hospital bed for 5 weeks, I have come to a conviction that almost all my activity is motivated not by the planned result of the activity, but by finding the present moment too intense and seeking escape. Writing this poem, I realized, was a way not to put its content into practice for the space of 45 minutes.

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