A Service to Musicians Everywhere

Edward Guo was an 18-year-old freshman at New England Conservatory of music in 2005, when he conceived, programmed, and created IMSLP, the International Music Score Library Project. Since then, musicians around the world have shared millions of pieces of out-of-copyright sheet music, and this has been a huge boon, especially to music students who might not be able to afford sheet music otherwise.

More than a decade, earlier I had tried to create a web site, working with Project Gutenberg, which did an analogous thing for books. Gutenberg had been around since the earliest days of the internet, when it was just for military and academic geeks. It never took off.

Guo teaches at New England Conservatory now, and composer music of his own. I’ve found just this one piece of his, a Ballade for saxaphone and piano from his student days.

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