March for Freedom in London

I get a warm fuzzy feeling from true grass-roots movements for liberation. Yesterday, at least half a million people — some say a million — marched peacefully across London, demanding an end to closures and lockdowns. Millions of ordinary people with good, common sense but no research training have come to the same conclusion that I have come to by reading medical literature and looking at numbers in spreadsheets.

This Youtube video has not yet been censored

The press on both sides of the Atlantic has ignored this event, illustrating to what exten the newspapers and broadcast stations and internet social media all serve the same masters–and it ain’t you and me (to paraphrase George Carlin).

1 thought on “March for Freedom in London

  1. Thank you, Josh.
    I’ve taken heart in finding those individuals including you, and groups, like PANDA and GBD) whom I hold in highest regard for both intelligent research and common sense, have come to the same conclusions regarding the past year’s mandated protocols for SARSCoV2: they failed, and ARE failing…miserably.
    We may all muse on the origins of both the virus and the hysteria, and the motivations of those in powerful positions, as well as where we may be finding ourselves in the future, but the numbers now point out plain and simple: chronic fear is a sign of something unwell and/or immoral, and should never guide protocols or individuals.

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