A Global Experiment

We humans have packed more change into the last 10,000 years than the billion years* that preceded it. If we view history as an outgrowth of nature, a product of nature, then nature is saying to us that this human experiment is important enough to jeopardize the stability of the biosphere in order to give it a chance. Nature is saying she is willing to place the entire planet’s ecology in danger for 10,000 years in order to test the potential of language-using, technological intelligence to carry all of life to the next level. It’s a terrifying enterprise. Let’s hope her trust is not misplaced.
_____________________________Terrence McKenna (slightly paraphrased by JJM)

Image result for the whole world in his hands

* I think he exaggerates here. A billion years ago there was no photosynthesis and only one-celled life. If he had said half a billion years, I could agree.

3 thoughts on “A Global Experiment

  1. I don’t have visions in my meditation the way DS does. Part of me wishes I did. But in my own meditation this morning an idea appeared to me that my fear about a globalist, totalitarian takeover will actually come to pass in the near future, but that alongside the mainstream slave society there will be an extraordinary flourishing of human creativity on the fringes, embracing the very integration of science wth mysticism that has been my own lifelong quest.

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