God performs miracles

St Thomas Aquinas was the first theologian to incorporate natural law into theology. He theorized that there were three things that even omnipotent God could not do.

  • He could not sin
  • He could not clone himself to create another omnipotent deity
  • And he could not create a triangle with more than 180 degrees in the interior angles

This was a big step forward for reconciliation of science and religion at the time (13th Century). The irony is that the example that he chose was intended to be about mathematical logic, as represented by Euclidean geometry. But with Einstein’s General Relativity, non-Euclidean geometries were brought into physics, and physicists today routinely work with gravitating systems where the sum of the angles of a triangle is more than 180 degrees.


This rings true for us because our intuition about Euclidean geometry is so strong that we feel, along with Thomas, that it is not just a mathematical but a physical necessity.

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