A word of caution to those approaching the oracle

You’ve come because you want to learn what’s coming;
You hope to dodge a blow or cheat a blight.
You hear the drone of distant drummers drumming,
And wish to circumvent a nasty fight.

A fear has blurred your thought, you feel alone.
Like many gallant men, you’ve lost your mooring,
Forgotten things that once you’ve deeply known.
(From where you sit, they’re hardly reassuring.)

The sybil’s work is not to help you hide;
Your destiny, we know, is to be bold.
You’ll neither fight the future nor evade it;
You’ll co-create with allies far and wide.
The outcome in advance cannot be told—
You won’t know destiny until you’ve made it.

— JJM = #00 from the I Ching Sonnet Project


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