Imagine that standing opposite you is your quantum blueprint, an optmal template of who are and who you might be, looking for you, waiting for you to feel its presence. Feel it now. Feel this optimal pattern of yourself. Invite it closer.

You may feel it as light, as joy, as a coded message about your higher nature. It has been waiting for you to sense and recognize your destiny all these years, in this, your local life, in this, your present space-time suit. Waiting, in fact, since time immemorial, since the first cosmic seed began to bloom.

Now as you move into it, you feel your larger life growing, you connect with this larger plan for your life, the life that is looking for you.

Know that you are becoming a superb catalyst, carrier of a new genesis. The world is getting ready to move; your mind is growing so you can imagine it into existence. Your words and images, your very thought-waves are carriers of genius.

That which has been lost in childhood or adolescence reappears. Those remarkable skills and qualities that were latent, they are arising new in you, as you become active as an agent in this transitional time and space.

Know and feel that you are loved. You are nurtured. You are empowered. You are called forth to your highest destiny for this life in this world at this time. In this state you can give up any resistance to the call. Freed from inertia, you agree to this call. Go beyond the masochism of victimhood, as decades of toxic thoughts drop away. You are waking from the old dream. You make high agereements.

You can say, “I agree to relinquish those limiting patterns, bad emotions, lesser intelligence and understandings. I agree to discovering ways of transcending and transforming my local life so that my extraordinary life may arise. I agree to explore my passion for the possible, discovering as I go.”

Now, my friends, you have acted to reignite your pilot light. You have announced to the universe that you are ready to change your belief structure; and that changes everything.
The evolutionary principle has been beating upon your brainpad, and now it is charging you, nuturing you, giving you access to the mysteries of the human condition as they are aspects of the divine mysteries that can transform your body and mind. And you, the faithful recipient, will express yourself in new and richly creative ways, becoming a revelation to others, an intellecutual and spiritual beacon, evoking new patterns, new relationships, new discoveries, bringing new mind and new matter to an old world. You are growing into service as a catalyst, a pathfinder of deeper realities.

You are ready…You are ready…You are ready. Receive, O dear friends, receive.

— Jean Houston

Invocation begins around 26 minutes

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