Greater heresies

Giordano Bruno was an older contemporary of Galileo, and he had a supremely modern view of the cosmos. He knew that all the stars in the sky were suns, and had their own planets, and that some planets had people living on them. He had a Gaian view of a living Earth. He said the cosmos was infinite. And of course, he knew that the earth and planets revolved around the sun.

But Bruno was not an observational astronomer. He was a Dominican friar, and his astronomy came from direct revelation, not from observation and deduction. The Church treated him more severly than Galileo. He was imprisoned for 7 years, tried, and condemned to death by torture for his heresy.

Luminarium Encyclopedia: Medieval Cosmology and Worldview

Brian Muraresku claims that his revelations came in drug-induced trances, and it was his pharmacology more than his philosophy that the Church could not tolerate.

Scientific American
Stanford Encyclopedia

Giordano Bruno - Wikipedia

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