Diwali: Return of the Light

Sikhs and Hindus and Jaians all celebrate Diwali this weekend at the new moon. Darkness has ended, light is returning. We light candles to carry our hopes.

This has been a dark time politically, a time when our institutions are doing nothing to help us with fear of a virus, but are isolating us from one another, unnecessarily IMO, at great cost to our culture and our resilience.

A time of great darkness is coming to an end, and we are fortunate to have an opportunity to create a more beautiful world, a world of diversity where individuals flourish, a world of harmony among humans and other living forms. In Hindu tradition, this is the close of the Kali yuga which has lasted thousands of years, and the dawn of a new Satya yuga, the time of truth, a golden age of humanity that will last 1.7 million years.

1 thought on “Diwali: Return of the Light

  1. The time of darkness might be coming to an end on a cosmic timescale, but dark clouds are gathering on the human timescale. Ozone startles the senses, and wind strains my tourist-trap umbrella.

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