Beyond Wine and Wafers

Brian Muraresku spent a decade researching and writing a book about the mystical roots of Christianity, and the pharmacological basis of mystical experience. His thesis (at risk of spoiling the book for you) is that

  • The Greek Eleutherian mysteries were a drug-induced foretaste of the ecstatic experience of death, as described today by many who have had near-death experiences.
  • Early Christians democratized the mysteries by bringing the ceremony to every Christian. This was the original eucharist, before the wine and wafer were de-fanged.
  • In a reading of the original Greek of the New Testamament, Jesus was clearly identified with Dionysus, not just the god of wine, but the wine itself.
  • Ancient drawings on Greek pottery and chemical analysis of ancient pottery shards show that this was no ordinary wine, but was spiked with psychoactive herbs and fungi.
  • Women were the bearers of this tradition and probably were the first priests of Christ’s church.

Listen to Joe Rogan interview Brian Muraresku

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