Letter to a Discouraged Activist

Dear —-

Of course you’re committed to doing all that you can to preserve democracy. Of course I’m your ally in that quest. But if the quest becomes a struggle or a battle or an all-consuming war, we’ve lost perspective. 

We’re not desperate. This is a voluntary adventure. We’re doing what we’re doing because it is the most meaningful work we know. We have chosen this challenge among many others we might have taken on. This is the most dramatic and important turning point in human history, at least for the last 12,800 years, which I take to be the time of Noah’s flood. We are the Noahs of our era. When we embodied in these forms, at this time, we wanted these lessons for our souls’ journey, and we chose the drama of being alive during a decades-long crisis. One way or another, humanity’s war on the biosphere is going to end. One way or another, the billionaire overlords are going to lose their grip. One way or another, the destinies of a few billion humans and a few million cetaceans and a few trillion trillion insects will be reconciled. 

There’s so much we don’t know. There are greater forces than we can imagine: banking families with trillion dollar arsenals? would-be masters of humanity who have planned a dystopian matrix in the name of saving the planet from global warming? international pedophile rings with the power to blackmail every politician in Washington? mind control technologies that turn humans to puppets? underground breakaway civilizations where people have been living our future for decades? (what do you think became of the $21 trillion that Mark Skidmore discovered missing from the Pentagon’s books?) shamans and yoga masters who shape humanity’s future with their thoughts? extraterrestrial intervention? imponderable destiny? And these are only the known unknowns…

The hormones of fear that course through our arteries are the product of evolution’s need to keep us safe in a life-threatening minute. The stories that are shouted in our ears all day are designed to keep those hormones flowing 24/7, to keep us paralyzed with fear and unable to think, unable to trust one another or to unite in concerted action.

My wish for you is peace that comes from the humility whose name is realism. We do what we can, and we have faith that our efforts will be amplified by unseen forces for good.

Mitteldorf’s Law: The disaster that bites you is never the one you’re worried about. 

May you continue to act powerfully with peace in your heart.


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