Experience being pure consciousness

The goal of this meditation is to disengage from viewing yourself in terms of physical, material qualities, in order that you can experience yourself as existing in the form of pure consciousness. Start by closing your eyes and observing whatever thoughts and feelings you experience. Rather than thinking you are the one thinking these thoughts or having these feelings, realize that you are the one observing a human who is having such thoughts and feelings. Recognize that you are not your thoughts, and you are not your feelings. Say to yourself, “I am the one who observes a human having thoughts and feelings.” Imagine in this state of awareness that all possible realities are now accessible to you, and you can see where the results of each choice and each decision lead. Realize that in this state of being pure consciousness, the most enjoyable and best realities present themselves to you easily and effortlessly.
— Cynthia Sue Larson Quantum Jump

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