Collective Insights:

What does it feel like to be wrong?

  • embarrassed?
  • shamed?
  • lost face?

No, that’s what it feels like to find out that you have been wrong. What it feels like to be wrong is

  • confident
  • talking a little too loud
  • domineering

Where does humility come from? For most of us it comes from being humiliated. For Carl Sagan and Albert Einstein, it comes from learning so much that they began to glimpse how much they don’t know.

Charles Eisenstein speculates that it is only hubris that leads mankind to think we are on a road toward more perfect understanding. Probably, there is much more that we don’t know how to learn than that we do know how to learn; more that we cannot coprehend with the brains that we have than that we can.

Daniel Schmachtenberger asks: Imagine you had to consciously manage the metabolic processes of a single cell in your body.

We, the human species, are modifying ecosystems by killing off insects, by pulling out weeds, by restoring wetlands and by planting forests. We imagine we know what we’re doing and what the effects might be. Do we think that ecosystems are less complex than cells?

What happened when we reintroduced wolves to Yellowstone Park?

1 thought on “Collective Insights:

  1. It’s not our fault. We’ve been cast into a sick, alienated culture. Our desperate isolation has been intensifying, and hopefully we are approaching the nadir of this civilization. — Charles Eisenstein

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