It’s not difficult, and in the long run—even in the medium run—it’s actually more economical. It’s only the detailed structure of capitalist systems at present that has created the very destructive relationship of humanity to nature.

Harmony with nature is easy.  It’s “natural”. We know enough to start doing it right away, and there’s so, so much more that we will learn about ecological relationships when we put our minds to it.

At present, the emphasis of the environmental movement is on reducing the human footprint. We can’t conceive that humans can do better than zero, and the only question we’re asking is “how negative?” But we can have a net positive impact, enriching the soil with each passing year, while feeding ourselves. Some indigenous American tribes were practicing this kind of permaculture thousands of years ago, and a few pioneer agriculturalists are doing it today. It’s a situation that looks like an unfolding tragedy, but it’s actually steeped in hope.

Inhabit, the film (free, full-length as of this writing)

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