Ancient technology exceeding anything we can do today

It’s a technical argument dependent on engineering and material science, but well worth following in detail because it is some of the solidest evidence we have that human history is in need of a thorough rewrite.

There are drill holes from ancient Egypt into granite that could only have been made with a very sharp, very hard drill under enormous pressure. Granite is so hard that it can only be cut by corrundum or diamond. And spiral scars on the cores that were removed from these holes tell us that with every turn of the core-drill, the blade advanced several millimeters into the stone. The drills that we have today operate at high speed, and with each turn of the drill they go much less than 1 mm into the stone. Hence the conclusion that these drills were made of a very hard mataerial and were backed by several tons of pressure.


Traditional archaeology dates these drill holes to the earliest dynasty or pre-dynastic Egypt, and people at that time did not have iron, let alone diamond drill bits or power tools. They had not yet invented the wheel.

A growing consensus among rebel archaeologists is that an ancient high-tech civilization left us the Pyramids and the megaliths of Machu Picchu and some other examples of precision work with giant pieces of stone. Their technology was lost in a global catastrophe that suddenly ended the last ice age, 12,700 years ago. Civilization rebooted from a few surviving hunter-gatherers, but our surviving myths of floods and a race of gods remind us today of that earlier civilization.

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