Take your Life off Cruise Control

Many of us are bored. All of us are living at less than our full potential, and substituting overscheduling for activity infused with meaning.

Materials: A mirror and a curious mind
Clothing: Optional

  • Stand in front of the mirror.
  • Take a quick look at yourself. Body, mind & spirit.
  • Spontaneously think what you find appealing.
  • Ignore critical thoughts. They’re just useless detritus.
  • Look at your reflection while you take ten long breaths.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Breath in and out slowly 5 more times keeping them shut.
  • Do a quick inventory of your life. What’s working best?
  • Recall positive watershed moments that invigorated you.
  • What facilitated the events of your happiest flashback?
  • Open your eyes quickly.
  • Smile, hug yourself and blow a kiss.
  • Take one long deep breath then go out and seize the moment.IF YOU REALLY WANT TO MAKE CHANGES - THERE'S NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT

Another mini Mind Acrobatics exercise:

  • Grab a pen and pad of paper.
  • Spend 15 minutes writing in pure stream of consciousness.
  • Capture every realistic and seemingly outlandish wish and desire you’ve ever had.
  • This is not a “bucket list” but rather a compilation of all that excites you.

Affiliate. Organize. You’ve been isolated by your culture, but so have all those people you’d like to connect with.

David Kanegis

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