Sustainable Agriculture

Everybody knows that the predominant agricultural practices around the world are unsustainable. We are losing topsoil every year. The energy cost of fertilizers and transportation has become a large and growing part of the price of food. We need larger and larger applications of pesticides as insects evolve pesticide resistance.

But what can we do? With 7½ billion people to be fed, the human race has become addicted to the high levels of productivity that only high-tech agricultural can provide.

What if it isn’t true?  Suppose that permaculture could be practiced in a way that actually produces more food per acre than monoculture.  That would be one of the most optimistic and hopeful directions for the human future, second only (perhaps) to direct interventions by ET.

Here’s someone who thinks permaculture can beat the “green revolution” at its own game.

Here’s a more fleshed-out version of the argument, in print with footnotes.  Chapter 8

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