Wisdom of the body

We turn our attention to the body so that we may take care of it and honor it. The human body offers us immense evolutionary possibilities. All the scriptures and spiritual teachings which have been passed from generation to generation cannot compare to the wisdom available if we are willing to submit to our bodies as students. It is an honor to be a human being — to have this body — even though there are times when the suffering and difficulties are great.

In order to discover the sacred possibility of our human embodiment, we must learn how to turn to ourselves and be with our experience in a way that truly honors our life here. This requires learning how to honor and bring dignity to each aspect of our life. We must learn what it means to attend to ourselves with absolute respect, even though we don’t really understand what we are, who we are, or where we are going.

Stephen R Schwartz

We don’t make demands on our feelings.
We simply give them the space they need.
We attend, allow, and respect. This is self-care.


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