The Creative Moment

A lifetime’s efforts brought you to this Now,
And still you cannot b’lieve the time is nigh.
From deep within, a voice is poised to cry
With teeming force, creative as a vow.
But just when you think the moment has come
To make your move, boldly assert your will—
The task is complete; all is calm and still,
The earth is silent, heaven’s voice is dumb.

You have been poised to make that final thrust
When, Peace! You know there’s nothing left to do.
Events unfold with all appropriate speed,
As you are gifted with implicit trust.
The destiny that erstwhile called to you
Stands manifest, and naught can intercede.

— JJM (#1 in the I Ching Sonnet Project)

Related image

Art by Adele Aldridge                                         



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