Meng = Youthful Folly

Image result for i ching hexagram 4

The heart of wisdom is humility—
Admitting there is much we cannot know;
Our plans in danger of fragility
If we presume to cotton whence we go.
The youth who seeks enlightenment, ensnared
By haughty mentors who abuse his trust.
Poor lad! His only sin the learning-lust
That renders him for learning unprepared.
So many frauds who willingly advise—
Life’s only recourse is experiment:
How can we know, if not already wise,
If chance or heaven ’twas this guru sent?
Some day when ripe, exalted age I reach,
I’ll know that I for one have naught to teach.

— JJM (#4 from the I Ching Sonnet Project)


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