The Worm Cure

I grew up thinking that bacteria = disease, and the only good germ is a dead germ.  The medical community turned around, and it is now common knowledge that our health, our happiness, and our very lives depend on thousands of species of bacteria in our intestines and on our skin.  Commensals vastly outnumber parasitic bacteria.

Could the same be true of microscopic worms?  Modern Western standards of hygiene usually keep our bodies worm-free.  What are we missing?

Image result for intestinal worms

The best documented benefits of worms concern Crohn’s Disease, seasonal allergies, and other immune dysfunctions.  Worm treatments for MS are on the horizon.

My own research has shown that thousands of humans are now using intestinal worms, from a variety of sources, to effectively treat a wide range of allergic, autoimmune and digestive diseases. Based on previous studies, we were not surprised that people were having success. But we did find one puzzler: people and their doctors were reporting that helminths were helping to treat neuropsychiatric problems such as anxiety disorders and migraine headaches.
Article by William Parker

1 thought on “The Worm Cure

  1. Parker talks about two barriers to worm therapy.
    1- the “yuck” factor
    2- worms can’t be patented, so there is no profit to be made, hence there is no research money

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