We shall not cease from exploration

I’ve planned a great adventure in meticulous detail
I’ve anticipated all, no stone unturned, it cannot fail.
The source of all my gladness is (or so I do believe)
That I know my destination—it’s a place I can’t conceive!

The voyage started badly, not a detail but went wrong.
My spirits were deflated, and I sang a doleful song.
Excitement turned to dread, I felt bewildered and adrift.
’Til a friend appeared from nowhere, and he gave my hopes a lift.

A glimpse of sweet salvation!, I am rescued! I am found!
As I live, I vow I’ll ne’er again depart familiar ground.
Though the home I now return to is the one from whence I came,
’Tis myself that is transfigured—I can never be the same.

Slow each day slips through my fingers, yet the flow of years is swift.
From a distance, I’ll look back upon the time I was adrift
Though I shudder to remember I was lost without a clue
Yet I harbor no regrets—this misadventure brought me you!

It’s natural to seek stasis, as to dread what we can’t see.
We’d fain pre-view the future, know ahead our destiny.
Though we’re loathe to venture forth from our effete, familiar dives,
Exploration is the only thing breathes life into our lives.

— Josh Mitteldorf

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