Marianne Williamson for President

If you’re not familiar with Marianne Williamson, she got her start popularizing A Course in Miracles.  I find the course to be a mixed bag, too much Christian theology, but with a core of wise practices for growth and fulfillment.   Williamson amplified what’s best in the Course, personalizing it with her own insights and experience.  (It’s not widely publicized, but Williamson is Jewish by birth.  Perhaps this matters little, since she has done so much to define her own spirituality.)

In the last several years, Williamson has become politically engaged.  Unlike almost every other politician, she grounds her political action in a foundation of self-awareness and a commitment to integrity as an individual.  Love is the core of Williamson’s teaching, and though this can be a cliché, I think Williamson manages to root her teaching in experience, and to offer a practical path to fulfillment and realization.

Williamson’s political platform starts with empathy and human concerns.  She advocates for a radical change in course, from world domination by violence to a commitment to children, environmental stewardship, an end to poverty, and a prosperous, inclusive community.  She addresses the big questions of America’s place in the world that even Sanders has ducked.  If she gets a hearing at all in the Democratic party, it can only be transformative.

Williamson has a series of bestselling books and a following of millions.  She is an engaging, inspired speaker.  She has no base among the party bosses.  Here’s her platform.

1 thought on “Marianne Williamson for President

  1. The idea of an evangelist running for President makes me a bit uncomfortable. But I think that Williamson channels the essence of universal world religions as well as anyone, and that her values introduced in American politics can only be a force for good.

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