Physics and the Unphysical

Russell Targ was a laser physicist before he got interested in paranormal experiments.  For 25 years, he headed a group at Stanford Research Institute that had a contract with the CIA to do intelligence work via psychic visualization.  The reliability of what their “remote viewers” reported was not comparable to someone who actually goes to the place and looks at what’s there, but in cases where it was impossible to do that, remote viewing provided important clues often enough to be useful.

In this video, he reports stunning success, including pinpointing the exact location of the car that kidnapped Patty Hearst.  In controlled statistical tests, several of their remote viewers achieved performance ruled out as chance at the probability level of 1 in a million.

Remote viewing is a natural human ability, a skill that anyone can learn to some extent.  It is not a spiritual path, but if you learn to quiet your mind and move your awareness into a timeless realm, you are likely to experience things that surprise you and give you another view of reality.

The most important thing you can do with remote viewing is to discover who you are.   My opinion is that who you really are is non-local awareness, independent of space and time.

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