The Rainbow and the Logic Engine

Bow down in hope, in thanks, all ye who mourn;—
⁠Where’in that peerless arche of radiant hues
⁠Surpassing earthly tints,—the storm subdues!
Of nature’s strife and tears ’tis heaven-born,
To soothe the sad, the sinning and forlorn;
⁠A lovely loving token to infuse;
⁠The hope, the faith, that pow’r divine endures
With latent good the woes by which we’re torn.—
’Tis like a sweet repentance of the skies,
⁠To beckon all by sense of sin opprest,—
⁠Revealing harmony from tears and sighs!
A pledge:—that deep implanted in the breast
⁠A hidden light may burn that never dies,
But bursts thro’ clouds in purest hues exprest!

Ada Lovelace, born this day in 1815

Mathematician, poet, Lord Byron’s daughter, and inventor of the idea of a computer program. She worked with Charles Babbage, who constructed the first mechanical computer, based on gears and rack-and-pinion action, and designed more sophisticated logic engines, which proved too expensive with the manufacturing techniques available in the first half of the 19th Century.

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