The Chemistry of Blame

Do you choose being right or being happy?
— Gary Hendricks

In this article, a couples counselor recounts his recurrent encounters with people who blame one another for their difficulties getting along.  His first job is to get them to unite in blaming him, the counselor.  It’s a tense moment, he says, but usually a ripe, new beginning.


In a workshop with Charles Eisenstein last month, I heard him challenge us: There is ritual child abuse in high places; there is war, which is just another name for mass murder; there are people who make their living selling children into slavery and people who psychologically program others from an early age to be zombie-killers.  Suppose that we could put an end to all this, but without the satisfaction of “justice”.  There would be no admission of guilt, no punishment, the perpetrators would walk free.  Do we choose justice, or do we choose amnesty?  Just supposing that we could end violence and cruelty by ending blame.  Just supposing that were the choice…

Just supposing…

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