A Chance to Vote for Universal Basic Income

People who think the antidote to Donald Trump is a boring generic Democrat missed the point. He is a sign of massive institutional failure, on both sides.
— Andrew Yang

The concept is simple: Everyone deserves to live.  The idea that the economy needs to threaten people with starvation in order to motivate them to productivity is medieval myth.  It is out of tune with a modern economy where there is an abundance of basic goods, while fear, real deprivation, and fundamentalist capitalism have forced most of the workforce into activities that serve no productive purpose, in a vast zero-sum game.

The solution is a Universal Basic Income, UBI.  In an economy where there is too much production and not enough circulating money for people to exchange with one another, this is a tailwind for growth, and it will not cause inflation.

In Andrew Yang’s 43 years, he has been a corporate lawyer, an economist, an educator, a failed entrepreneur, a successful entrepreneur, a husband and father.

Andrew Yang is running for president in 2020 on a platform that includes a monthly check from the government, $1,000 for every US citizen, 18-64 years old.  Call it Social Security for the not-yet-retired and the structurally underemployed.

Catherine Clifford’s article at CNBC.

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