Alzheimer’s Cure

This is inspiring indeed, and makes all other Daily Inspirations look puny. If the medical research community didn’t have blinders on, I think this would have been banner headlines two years ago.

I know Dale Bredesen from 12 years ago when he was president of the Buck Institute on Aging, and invited me to give a talk there. He was kind enough to support my theory of aging at a time when he had a position in the world and I didn’t.

I knew Bredesen was on the trail of an Alzheimer’s treatment, and had eye-popping results with a small cohort of patients, and I wrote an article about him 3 years ago. Today I learned that he has gone on to develop a credible treatment for AD….or such is his claim in a book published last year. His treatment is not a single pill – far from it. It is a whole program of diagnosis and a different protocol for each patient, which requires special training for a doctor to be effective. But in the first several hundred patients, he has had remarkable success, not merely slowing the progression of AD but completely reversing symptoms, even in some fairly advanced cases.

Briefly, his model is that the brain is always remodeling itself, destroying old synapses and creating new ones. The balance between creation and destruction is controlled by ~36 factors (identified so far). One of these can get into a runaway feedback loop But the process can be stopped by looking at an individual’s metabolism, identifying which of the 36 factors are elevated, and addressing those in particular.

The book is targeted to a non-technical audience, but buried within is the protocol itself, which is beyond my ability to understand or assess. I’ve sent it to three doctor friends, and any doctors in the D-I audience might help me with a comment as to the plausibility of Bredesen’s biochemistry.


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